Relax on our brand new comfy spa chairs and enjoy toes nail and cuticle care, exfoliation for smoother skin, an amazing massage with hot stone, hot towel, and polish of your choice.

Get total pamper with all the Classic pedicure treatment. We add warm neck wrap callus remover, And paraffin wrap to moisturize your skin, and with hot tone 10 minutes massage.

On top of the classic pedicure treatment. We add warm neck wrap, special callus treatment on your feet, deep cleaning with salt, sugar scrub, and mask to rejuve-nate your skin, and 10 minutes massage with hot stones on you feet.

The ultimate spa pedicure with fluffy jelly add to the water, callus treatment, exfo-liating scrubs, mask, and lotion and lotion with be used to provide the best relief for stress as well as hydrate dry skin, 15 minutes massage.